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Steps to reproduce:

I have created a PWA app. This PWA app protects its content with http basic auth. I followed the tutorial at to setup the http basic auth for PWA's. You can find my app at 

Actual results:

The WebApp opens, but the window remains white. There will be no credentials request window but also no content is displayed which will be sent by the PWA if no login is done or it fails.

Expected results:

The WebApp should open. Then a Dialogbox should query the credentials. If these have been entered correctly (and send to the WebApp), the protected content of the WebApp should be shown.

Is this still the case with Nightly 67? Thanks.

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I installed the nightly version from the Google Playstore now. When i open the PWA in the browser, i get first the Popup to fill the credentials. After that, i get a popup, whit the notification that i can add the shortcut automatically to the Desktop. I have done this. Then i closed all running browser processes, clicked the added shortcut icon. The page loads, but i get a 401 error page. No Popup for the credentials.

If you want, i can share with you directly the URL for testing (don't want to make the URL public). Its also possible that we can exchange directly via Teamviewer or anything else, so that you can see my webserver configuration. It's a Nginx server at my private Raspberry Pi. Maybe that's shortens the way a little bit, to resolve that small issue. Feel free to contact me by e-Mail.

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I tested a little bit further. Now, when i re-open the PWA in the Firefox 67 Android (closing all tabs before), i never get the credential popup again. I'm not sure, if that is a miss-configured webserver, or the fault of Firefox. However, opening the page on Desktop, always asks for credentials, except the page loads from the cache or the session is active. Opening the üage in Firefox 64.0.1 in the browser, works as expected and asks for the credentials.

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