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[Meta] Support of Progressive Apps in Fennec


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(Depends on 2 open bugs)


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Bug ???


- Support of W3C web manifest

**User Stories (all platforms, from** [](

- As a user I want to be informed when the current web page is part of a web app I can install so I can benefit from a richer app-like experience

- As a user I want to launch a web app from an icon on my homescreen/launcher/dock/start menu and use it separately from the browser

- As a user I want to switch between web apps using my operating system's task manager

- As a user I want to seamlessly link between web app windows and browser tabs

- As a user I want to persist this site/app to my device and use it even while offline

- As an app developer I want to get my app discovered via web searches because it currently gets buried in app stores across Firefox OS & Firefox

- As an app developer I want to deep link into my app from web search results so that I can drive users to my app via its content

- As an app developer I want to create repeat engagement with my app by adding it to a user's homescreen

- As an app developer I want to create repeat engagement with my app via push notifications


Additional info:

- [](
- Despite the "add to homescreen" functionality being fairly hidden in Fennec,  ~1% of users were finding it and making use of it. Google  provided us numbers that, when a user is able to add a web site to the home screen, engagement with that site raises significantly

Example service worker apps:

By Paul Lewis at Google  
src = [](

By MDN  
src = [](

Google reference apps:  
Priority: P5 → --
Summary: Support of Progressive Apps in Fennec → [Meta] Support of Progressive Apps in Fennec
Version: Firefox 41 → Trunk
Depends on: 826400
Depends on: 1211226
Depends on: 1212363
Depends on: 1208195
Alias: progressive-apps
Depends on: 1098544
Depends on: 968427
Depends on: 1232706
It would be good to track the appropriate Web Push and Service Worker bugs here, too.
Depends on: 1234558
Depends on: 1126479
Depends on: 1237045
Afaik, relevant bugs for Web Push & meta bug for Service Workers 

SO stoked to see y'all tracking Progressive apps support here.
Depends on: ServiceWorkers, 1156054
Depends on: 1240560
Depends on: 1245497
Depends on: webmanifest
Depends on: 1271781
Depends on: 1310986
Depends on: 1328160
No longer depends on: 1271781
No longer depends on: 1208195
Depends on: 1162150
Depends on: 1379115
QA Contact: oana.horvath
Depends on: 1363052
Depends on: 1388747
Depends on: 1388750
Depends on: 1388755
Depends on: 1388757
Depends on: 1388760
Depends on: 1388763
Depends on: 1372926
Depends on: 1400334
Depends on: 1403566
Depends on: 1404311
Depends on: 1406000
Depends on: 1406024
Depends on: 1406034
Depends on: 1395570
Depends on: 1395846
Depends on: 1395841
Depends on: 1395839
Depends on: 1389051
Depends on: 1368024
Depends on: 1393672
Depends on: 1409191
Depends on: 1400605
Depends on: 1411614
Depends on: 1412301
Depends on: 1411349
Depends on: 1412678
Depends on: 1413895
Depends on: 1407961
Depends on: 1417049
Depends on: 1414219
Depends on: 1413384
Depends on: 1419000
Depends on: 1419245
Depends on: 1420148
Depends on: 1421149
Depends on: 1423587
Depends on: 1411521
Depends on: 1430731
Depends on: 1432140
Depends on: 1440661
Keywords: meta
Depends on: 1515908
See Also: → desktop-pwa
Depends on: 1635272
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