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Replace screenX/screenY in boxObject with properties on XULElement


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Only two properties on BoxObject can't be retrieved easily via other means, screenX and screenY. Instead, move these properties to XULElement.

Blocks: 1519948
No longer depends on: 1519948
Priority: -- → P3
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Part 2 - replace calls to boxObject.screenX(Y) with element.screenX(Y)

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Looks good to me, thanks!
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Part 3 - get the screen coordinates from the frame instead of the box object in the tooltip listener

I guess this preserves the current behavior, but that behavior seems kinda wacky for at least two reasons:

1)  If it wants client coords (which I suspect it does, given the call to GetCellAt using those numbers), then why is it messing around with screen coords at all?  I guess the event's client coords might be relative to a different document?

2)  If we want client coords, we should probably be using the screen coords of the presshell's root frame, not the primary frame of the documentElement.  The two can be quite different if the documentElement is given nonzero margins or is positioned or whatnot....

r=me on this, but might be worth filing a followup on those issues.
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Pushed by
add screenX and screenY properties to XULElement in order to replace places that currently get the screen coordinates of an element via the box object, r=bz
replace calls to boxobject screenX and screenY with the equivalent on XULElement, r=paolo
don't use the boxobject screenX and screenY properties in the tooltip listener, instead get the screen coordinates from the frame directly, r=bz

I filed bug 1528373 on the issue in comment 5.

Closed: 3 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla67
Depends on: 1533720
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