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Message API (WebExtension) function to detach and/or delete attachments


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(Reporter: Thunderbird_Mail_DE, Unassigned)



We need an API to detach and/or delete attachments.

It should be possible to do this as a bulk operation.

An additional permission may be necessary.

This API would be necessary for add-ons like "AttachmentExtractor" / "AttachmentExtractor Continued".

Any interesst in providing the necessary API? Maybe I'm wrong and no additional API is necessary?

Related Bugs:
Bug 92146 (Thunderbird should provide the features itself)
Bug 1578801 (Provide an additional save path attribute)

Blocks: webext-tb

Bug 1645595 would likely need to be fixed before or as part of this.

Depends on: 1645595
See Also: → 1696777
Severity: normal → S3
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