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Update Debugger Frontend v121


(DevTools :: Debugger, enhancement, P2)



(firefox67 fixed)

Firefox 67
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firefox67 --- fixed


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[release 121] Update editor context menus (#7719). r=dwalsh
[release 121] put log points behind a flag (#7761). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Distinguish between condition and log value in breakpoints (#7749). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Respect enable extenstions setting in Sources and QuickOpenModal (#7705). r=dwalsh
[release 121] [flow] Fix types with firefox commands (#7751). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Remove sanitize inputs (#7767). r=dwalsh
[release 121] [Evaluations] Use jsterm directly for console logging (#7753). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Change max-width boundaries for verticalLayoutBreakpoint (#7781). r=dwalsh
[release 121] [XHR Breakpoints] Clicking text toggles breakpoint (#7766). r=dwalsh
[release 121] [Workers] Fix a couple bugs with windowless worker debugging. (#7776). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Fixes Line Highlight Bug (#7768). r=dwalsh
[release 121] strict flow and remove some unused code in project search (#7669). r=dwalsh
[release 121] [DebugLine] line is not cleared (#7779). r=dwalsh
[release 121] corrected selectors for pane toggle buttons (#7802). r=dwalsh
[release 121] remove --icon-size CSS variable (#7801). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Refactor src/utils/pause unit tests. (#7798). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Fix Frames.css hover/focus (#7805). r=dwalsh
[release 121] [tests] Add flow types to remaining src/utils unit tests. (#7809). r=dwalsh
[release 121] Use flow in src/components tests (#7815). r=dwalsh
Update debugger frontend (release 121). r=dwalsh
Blocks: 1523528
Blocks: 1525492
No longer blocks: 1525492
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