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[remote-dbg-next] Stop using the Browser Toolbox to debug local addons


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(firefox67 fixed)

Firefox 67
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(Reporter: jdescottes, Assigned: daisuke)


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webextensions are now running out of process, so in theory we can now debug them using a regular toolbox rather than a browser toolbox.

My current issues with using the browser toolbox are:

  • it is slower to open
  • only one can be opened at a time
  • it uses confusing profile settings for addon developers
  • it prevents from having a unified debugging UX in about:debugging, where we could in theory debug everything with about:devtools-toolbox tabs.
  • it forces to enable remote debugging to debug local addons. We also have to maintain a UI for this in about:debugging ("enable addon debugging" checkbox)

If we stop using the browser toolbox, we will however have to rewrite our current mochitests that assert debugging webextensions.

In the future, we want to list processes in about:debugging as well. If we want to stop using the Browser Toolbox, it means we won't be able to debug the Main Process for this-firefox, but I think this limitation is acceptable.

This relates to the overall issue of about:debugging having too many inconsistent workflows (toolbox in a tab, toolbox in a window, toolbox in a new firefox instance). Another way to tackle this would be to go the opposite way and use the Browser Toolbox for everything. We should discuss pros and cons of both strategies.

Duplicate of this bug: 1373219
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Duplicate of this bug: 1522043
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Priority: P3 → P1
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Debug local addon as well via debugger client. r=jdescottes
Stop supporting inspection of addon in Browser Toolbox. r=jdescottes,rpl
Closed: 9 months ago
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 67
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