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Enable Ion on ARM64 shell


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A Try run for ARM64 Ion shows all tests passing, except for one that appears to be a GC error and fails with Baseline-only. I can't reproduce that failure locally -- it might require a low-memory device.

It also appears that TryChooser will not let me run any tests other than just the jit-tests -- and therefore, it's not clear what other tests will fail when we try to land.

Therefore I propose trying to land Ion on ARM64, shell-only, with the expectation that we'll likely get backed out, in order to see what tests are actually running on the full tree build, and what work we have left in the remaining 3 weeks allotted to this project.

Enable IonMonkey in the ARM64 shell, but keep it disabled in the browser.

In the past I've found using that using ulimit -v to limit the amount of virtual memory allows low-memory devices to be simulated on desktop.

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Enable IonMonkey in the ARM64 shell, but keep it disabled in the browser. r=nbp
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With the patch in comment 1, I keep getting asserts repeatedly with a stack like this, but they are non-reproducible.

Compiled on m-c rev bf3951daded0 with --enable-debug --enable-more-deterministic --enable-simulator=arm64 and runtime flags like --fuzzing-safe --execute="setJitCompilerOption("ion.forceinlineCaches",1)" --ion-extra-checks --ion-warmup-threshold=100 --ion-eager --ion-gvn=off --more-compartments --ion-offthread-compile=off --gc-zeal=23,146 --no-threads --baseline-eager (not sure if all are needed)

Hope this helps?

(In reply to Gary Kwong [:gkw] [:nth10sd] from comment #5)

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Hope this helps?

Thanks, the assertion and the stack trace definitely help. It was supposed to be fixed by one of my previous patches.
Can you file a separate bug blocking this one?

Depends on: 1530351

Green Try push with Bug 1529034 landed:

Once that merges to m-c, I will attempt to re-land this.

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Enable IonMonkey in the ARM64 shell, but keep it disabled in the browser. r=nbp

Backed out changeset b2fb7cd41c79 (bug 1528869) for failing at /waiterlist-order-of-operations-is-fifo.js on a CLOSED TREE.

Backout link:

Push with failures:

Log link:

Log snippet:

[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.913Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-decl-dstr-array-elem-init-simple-no-strict.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.913Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-var-ary-ptrn-elem-obj-id.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.914Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-let-async-ary-ptrn-elem-ary-rest-iter.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.914Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-const-obj-ptrn-prop-id.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.914Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-const-async-obj-ptrn-prop-ary-init.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.914Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-decl-dstr-obj-prop-elem-init-evaluation.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.914Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-let-obj-ptrn-id-init-fn-name-class.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.1 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.915Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-gen-dstr-var-async-ary-init-iter-no-close.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.1 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:50.915Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-gen-dstr-let-async-ary-ptrn-elem-obj-prop-id-init.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.1 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.068Z] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test262/built-ins/Atomics/wait/waiterlist-order-of-operations-is-fifo.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") | (TIMEOUT) [300.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.068Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-const-obj-ptrn-id-get-value-err.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.068Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-let-ary-ptrn-elem-id-init-fn-name-cover.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.068Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-decl-dstr-obj-rest-same-name.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.068Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-let-async-obj-ptrn-id-init-fn-name-fn.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.068Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-gen-dstr-var-ary-ptrn-rest-not-final-obj.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.069Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-gen-decl-dstr-obj-prop-elem-init-assignment-null.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.2 s]
[task 2019-03-06T07:23:51.069Z] TEST-PASS | test262/language/statements/for-await-of/async-func-dstr-var-ary-init-iter-close.js | (args: "--dll /builds/worker/workspace/breakpad-tools/") [0.1 s]

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Enable IonMonkey in the ARM64 shell, but keep it disabled in the browser. r=nbp
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