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When bug 632954 is finished, we'll have new Android PGO builds and tests running. This bug is for any steps required to actually ship the builds.

Presumably we'll need to at least update the nightly "N" builds to use PGO. Are there any other steps required to ship?

:catlee mentioned Callek might know more about this

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Offhand, if we get the N builds to use PGO I don't think there are any more steps required. I'm more than happy to dive deeper once the patchset for 632954 is closer to landing.

We might want to make the single-locale nightlies also use it, but I'm less certain of ROI for the effort for those.

If there are artifact location changes on what we are shipping, that will need some coordination of course, but if the .apk stays in the same place I suspect everything downstream will "just work"

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Given PGO's stability risk and releng automation dependencies, we probably don't want to uplift PGO to 67 Beta.

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