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Remove remaining mozRTC* stuff (mozRTCPeerConnection, mozRTCIceCandidate, mozRTCSessionDescription)


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It doesn't look like we mention that these are available in the first place. Almost pointless to add them considering they are now being removed, but hey ;-)

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I'd like to say yes—with the exception of navigator.mozGetUserMedia (see bug 1279936)—but from bug 1155923 comment 5 I'm not sure. That was 4 years ago, but unfortunately we don't have telemetry on this.

The safe way to go about it might be to gather telemetry on mozRTCPeerConnection usage first, to know what breakage to expect.

That said, even having a telemetry number on mozRTCPeerConnection usage would not tell us about breakage, because it wouldn't distinguish

var RTCPeerConnection = window.webkitRTCPeerConnection || window.mozRTCPeerConnection || window.RTCPeerConnection; // OK!


var RTCPeerConnection = window.webkitRTCPeerConnection || window.mozRTCPeerConnection; // Would break!

I don't see a way to detect actual breakage numbers. That said, a ballpark mozRTCPeerConnection usage number would be instructive if it's really low.

Nico, is this something we could add to bug 1528078 which you'd expressed interest in tackling?

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Keywords: site-compat

Yes, I will be tackling it in bug 1528078.

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Priority: P4 → P3
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No longer depends on: 1609254

Turns out we do have telemetry probe for this: 2.7% of peer connections use moz-prefix. Breakage may be even lower based on comment 3.

  • 0.218% of pageloads called any of the moz-prefixed peer connection methods
  • 8% of pageloads call the non-deprecated RTCPeerConnection constructor (from chromestats, since we don't have counters for that)
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Taking this; it is about time, and low-hanging fruit.

Assignee: nobody → docfaraday

Depends on D168415

Try looks fine.

Need to make a pull request here to get rid of this mozRTC stuff:

Pushed by
Remove remaining mozRTC stuff. r=jib,webidl,smaug

Backed out for causing build bustages on PeerConnectionImpl.cpp

mochitest log:

Flags: needinfo?(docfaraday)
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Remove remaining mozRTC stuff. r=jib,webidl,smaug
Pushed by
Remove remaining mozRTC stuff. r=jib,webidl,smaug
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Release Note Request (optional, but appreciated)
[Why is this notable]:
Sadly, there are still services that are using this.
[Affects Firefox for Android]:
[Suggested wording]:
Removed the long-deprecated mozRTCPeerConnection, mozRTCIceCandidate, and mozRTCSessionDescription types.
[Links (documentation, blog post, etc)]:

relnote-firefox: --- → ?
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Added to the Fx113 Nightly relnotes. I added an additional line saying that sites should use the non-prefixed variants instead.

Regressions: 1829625

FYI MDN docs work for this can be tracked in There wasn't much to do in this case other than a release note mentioning the removal.

No longer depends on: 1561007
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