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Android test cleanup takes too long to time out when device unresponsive


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Firefox 67
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In bug 1532435, there are recent examples of tasks exceeding their max-run-time after multiple 5 minute adb timeouts.

Since max-run-time is exceeded, logcats and other diagnostics are lost, which makes it hard to determine what caused the original problem.

It also wastes test time.

I want to reduce timeouts during shutdown and/or avoid additional device interaction after adb timeouts.

I think that once we get an ADBTimeoutError we should quit trying to run the test and exit as soon as possible. It would be great if we could just catch ADBTimeoutError at the top level of the scripts running the test, emit a generic "device disconnected" or something error the sheriffs could use to classify all of the ADBTimeoutError failures to a single bug.

You basically did that in bug 1477807! That's working fine for many cases, like in

See Also: → 1477807

ANR/tombstone checks introduced in bug 1531611 are part of the problem.

Blocks: 1531611
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Make android tests shutdown faster when device unresponsive; r=bc
Closed: 7 months ago
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