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remove grid usage from comm/mail/base/content/


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I find this grid removal important and complex so I have made a separate bug for this.

Assignee: nobody → khushil324
Group: mail-core-security
Type: enhancement → task
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There seems to be more padding/margins than there used to be (around each row). 
The header name (From, Subject etc) is also not styled the same as it used to (now darker). I think the header value is also missing it's style.

Something's probably off for the width calculations too. It doesn't "fill up" the lines properly, and wraps at another (worse) place than it's supposed to.

::: mail/base/content/
@@ +222,5 @@
>                                       .clientWidth of its largest contained child by an unspecified
>                                       amount. -->
> +                                <html:table id="expandedHeaders">
> +                                  <html:tr id="expandedfromRow">
> +                                    <html:th id="expandedfromTH">

would be nicer to name it expandedfromTableHeader (similarly with the other ths)

::: mail/base/content/msgHdrView.js
@@ +753,5 @@
>        // we may need to collapse or show the tag header row...
> +      if (!headerEntry.valid) {
> +        headerEntry.enclosingRow.setAttribute("hidden", "hidden");
> +      } else {
> +        headerEntry.enclosingRow.removeAttribute("hidden");

you could just write 

eaderEntry.enclosingRow.toggleAttribute("hidden", !headerEntry.valid);
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(In reply to Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] from comment #2)

Something's probably off for the width calculations too. It doesn't "fill
up" the lines properly, and wraps at another (worse) place than it's
supposed to.

Can you explain this a little?

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From and subject are now close to each other, but then there is extra vertical space before To. 
But there's some more serious problem. Try with a small window, and the form and to fields (well the whole rows) are painted on top of each other.

::: mail/base/content/msgHdrView.js
@@ +901,5 @@
> +      if (!headerEntry.valid) {
> +        headerEntry.enclosingRow.setAttribute("hidden", "hidden");
> +      } else {
> +        headerEntry.enclosingRow.removeAttribute("hidden");
> +      }

headerEntry.enclosingRow.toggleAttribute("hidden", !headerEntry.valid);

@@ +953,1 @@
>      }

headerEntry.enclosingRow.toggleAttribute("hidden", !headerEntry.valid)
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The ths are bold, while on trunk subject etc are not. 
But a bigger problem: When having an email with more emails than can fit, and opening up that list, there's a huge (like 100px) vertical gab between From and Subject
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There is an issue on Trunk. When you have multiple email addresses, reduce the size of the screen. Click on more and expand the window size. You will see a gap there. I will attach a SS.

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The header and value(s) are not 100% aligned vertically (e.g. the Subject)

Also seems on trunk for longer to fields, we just show one line + the (and 87 else). With this patch, a few lines are shown
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I am not seeing this issues on Mac. Can you attach a SS for Linux?

I checked on Linux machine. Alignment issue was there and I have it resolved now but I am not able to reproduce the issue for longer "to" fields.
I am still seeing "3 more" label at the end. And also can you ask somebody to check on Windows machine if margin and paddings are correct there or not.

Please attach what you have.

Attached image msgHdrinc_macOS.png
Attached image msgHdrInc_Ubuntu.png

But please attach the patch for it.

It's the same patch with margin changes for Linux.

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Attachment #9092919 - Flags: review?(mkmelin+mozilla)

I am not able to reproduce following mozmill test failures on Local Machine with the updated patch:
You told that you are not seeing the "more", can you attach a screenshot, please? Also, can you run the mozmill tests?

UI wise it looks ok now.
I can reproduce the more issue still. The mail has around 80 recipients, and that is likely a key factor. Try it with enough recipients of various lengths...

For the test failure, in the test you probably instead need to wait for the mode to change (the click will cause the event that triggers that the toggle, but looks like we're checking the state directly now, and that can be before the click handling ran).

I can't reproduce the test failure locally.

I find the solution for the test failures. But I am not able to reproduce the issue with "more" button. I tried with the 80 odd email addresses. Also in test-message-header mozmill tests, we have few test cases with 100 odd email addresses and it is working fine there also. I will attach the screenshot here. We have a mozmill test to check the behavior of the "more" button and it is passing.
Can you check after moving that particular email to another folder or something? and this problem is only for that particular mail or all the other mails?

There are other test cases with 100 odd emails.

The issue is still there. I'll see if I can get you a test case.

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LGTM, r=mkmelin
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Keywords: checkin-needed

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remove grid usage from r=mkmelin

Closed: 28 days ago
Keywords: checkin-needed
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Target Milestone: --- → Thunderbird 71.0
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