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Enable Storage API for GeckoView


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Can we enable persist() and estimate() in GeckoView without knowing how apps that use GeckoView will expose associated UI?

Maybe we don't necessarily want user consent, but instead some API that allows apps to specify the amount of storage available? They could of course set that based on user input if they wish. We'd also need some stuff to allow apps to inspect the storage used for each origin and clear that, etc.

I don't really think it's too useful to prompt for each site, but I'd welcome input from the UX folks on that.

There are a variety of APIs available from the QuotaManager that we could potentially expose via custom GV APIs. Agreed that it probably needs UX input.

Hmm, I'm not sure who we can NI from UX. Anthony, maybe you can help?

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Hey James, maybe Shorlander since he's been working on Fenix? He has most of the context here.

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This is related to the work I've been looking at for, which is essentially wiring up persist() and ensuring it asks for Android and user permissioning.

Depends on: 1527074
Depends on: 1501108
Whiteboard: [geckoview]
Component: DOM: Web Storage → DOM: Quota Manager

Emily is looking at storage permissions bug 1527074. Priority P3 because this feature is not needed for Fenix MVP.

The test runner app will need to accept storage requests.

Assignee: nobody → etoop
See Also: → 1527074
Whiteboard: [geckoview] → [geckoview:p3]

resolved by 1547100 & 1527074

(In reply to Emily Toop (:fluffyemily) from comment #7)

resolved by 1547100 & 1527074

^ Just to be clear, those bug fixes were for Storage API test failures, not enabling the Storage API.

So, bug 1527074 enabled the Storage API and bug 1547100 enabled the tests that ensure that persist and estimate work.

Closed: 3 months ago
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