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Attachment reading pane im message preview broken for numerous items, cannot resize height.


(Thunderbird :: Message Reader UI, defect)

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(thunderbird67 fixed, thunderbird68 fixed)

Thunderbird 68.0
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thunderbird67 --- fixed
thunderbird68 --- fixed


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If there are numerous items that would create multiple rows, they are now all on one row with a long scrollbar, don't wrap, and the height cannot be sized with the splitter. preferredHeight is probably wrong.

Keywords: regression

On the freshest of fresh builds I tried with 8 attachments and everything is looking 100% normal on Windows. No malfunction to be detected. What am I missing.

Richard can you see an issue anywhere?

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Jörg, you tried in the message reading attachment pane? In this one I see the issue too.

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Sorry, I've worked on too many composition attachment bugs that the "attachment pane" is the area were attachments are visualised in the Write window. Besides, it was alleged that the fix in bug 1526811 (see bug 1526811 comment #20) which was about attachments in the composer's attachment bucket broke this.

That said, my apologies, I see now that the fix in bug 1526811 messed with the richlistbox in general and could have easily affected the preview pane as well. I've done a local backout of rev 66cc9a7a0aaa and the problem goes away. So bug 1526811 regressed this. Now we need to find which part it was.

As Alta88 said, it's most likely this:

I'll see what I can do.

Blocks: 1526811
Summary: Attachment pane broken for numerous items, cannot resize height. → Attachment reading pane im message preview broken for numerous items, cannot resize height.
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Straight part backout restoring what Aceman suggested to take out in bug 1526811 comment #9. So much for messing with code at 1:30 AM.

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What a mess. So some listboxes have a scrollbox built in and some need to implement it in XBL? OK, maybe those that we extend/implement in XBL.

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restore part of the attachmentlist bindings overzealously removed in rev 66cc9a7a0aaa of bug 1526811. r=me

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