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Debug Assertion on page already registered in the profiler browsing to


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STR: with a fairly new profile with a Debug non-opt build, browse to a site (I used, then start the profiler (already installed) and browse to

Hit an assertion at tools/profiler/core/platform.cpp:323 due to a page already being in the page cache. Dumps of the 3 pages in the cache and the new page are attached -- the collision was on HistoryId 13, which one has as about:blank, and the other has as ""... (truncated).

They compare as equal in PageInformation::Equals() (same docshell, id, and subframe).

Unsure if this is repeatable. Note: browsing with a non-opt debug build is Very Slow....

I presume this was introduced by bug 1417976

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If you remove the ifdef, and make it MOZ_RELEASE_ASSERT(), it failed on the the first pageload of youtube for me (after loading Trying again and 1 or two other URLs didn't hit, but clearly there's a hole here.

Attached file assertion2

Assertion with opt build (modified to include the assert) on a CNN page.

Thanks for filing this Randell. I'm aware of that issue and actually I have a fix for that here:
But I wasn't working on that for a while after publishing the patch because of other works that I need to finish. I came back to it and finishing up/writing some tests now. It will be fixed after that.

Depends on: 1512500
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Nazim, we need to disable this, or fix it - it makes debug builds die with the profiler way too often. Currently I build with patches to make that code an #if 0 to avoid crashing

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Ok, how about disabling it until we fix it? Will submit a patch that disables that for now. Sorry about that.

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Disable the assertion in profiler page registration until we fix it r=jesup
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