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[meta] Evaluate and update our PGO training set


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2 years ago we added speedometer to our PGO run in bug 1356652, it's time to start looking at tests that exercise newer pieces of our codebase. We have PGO for rust in the works in bug 1437452, which means we could see improvements by adding tests that thoroughly exercise our rust codebase.

Initial conversations have suggested the following perf tests that we already run in automation might make sense to try out:

There are concerns of over training, so we'll want to evaluate each test set first prior to committing to adding it to our overall PGO training set.

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It's interesting to note that one possible advantage of the 3-tier PGO builds we're setting up across platforms, is that we don't necessarily have to have one, linear, profiling script anymore. We could spawn multiple tasks running different profiling scripts, and merge the profiling data before feeding it to the last tier of the PGO build.

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We don't have the bandwidth to work on this currently. So, closing.
If someone wants to help, please reopen this bug and don't hesitate to contact dmajor or myself

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I did a short talk about the framework of PGO at a perf meeting today, and several people made some suggestions in this area that I think are worth following up on, so I'm gonna reopen per Sylvestre's earlier comment, and add some dep bugs and maybe ping some of the existing deps.

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