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[meta] Sync jumbo bookmark sets


(Firefox :: Sync, task, P3)





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(Depends on 4 open bugs)


(Keywords: meta)

Sync doesn't support jumbo bookmark libraries (15k+ items) well. Too many children in a folder will eventually hit the record limit, records spread across multiple batches might cause other clients to read, then try to fix up, partial state, and so on.

Given that the majority (citation needed) of our users have fewer than 100 bookmarks, it might make sense to say "we don't support this". But maybe we can fail the sync right away, and link to a support article about why, instead of plowing ahead and almost certainly making a mess of folks' existing bookmarks.

well... I have 20k+ bookmarks, and this is not great news for me.
please just fix your sync engine. chrome is able to handle these jumbo libraries, so it's possible to do it.

If Firefox refuses to sync these sets it should {a) tell the user right away instead of leaving them with empty bookmank folders, (b) recommend an extension that can do it, assuming one exists. Or possibly hhc) clone the solution in Chromium.

The current situation is rather ugly.

Depends on: 1598168
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