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Add the registerProvider function API


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Firefox 69
69.2 - May 27 - Jun 9
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For more info, see the design doc over at

Lots of internals to touch and define interaction among providers. A few unknowns, how the API functions, not determined yet.

Iteration: 68.4 - Apr 29 - May 12 → 69.1 - May 13 - 26

First steps here would be to add an API to the ProvidersManager to register these "dynamic" providers, and make it manage the filter and restrict functions for them:

  • if something restricts, we drop any other provider from a search.
  • if something provides a filter, we can use it instead or in addition to sources (may we completely replace sources with filter also for built-in providers, simplifying the whole thing?)
    This should also somehow manage the case of a provider that asks to restrict, but wants to be filtered out for that case, then we should ignore the restrict flag.

As for other WebExt cases, we'll make so that in case of conflict (2 providers willing to restrict) the newest registered one wins. Ideally it would be the most recently installed add-on. We should check if WebExt are started up in install date order or not.

Depends on: 1551898
Points: 5 → 3
Depends on: 1552222
Points: 3 → 1

merging back the dependency, in the end it's simpler to do everything here.

Points: 1 → 3
Iteration: 69.1 - May 13 - 26 → 69.2 - May 27 - Jun 9
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Add the registerProvider function API. r=adw,mixedpuppy
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