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Filter logins based on page query parameter


(Firefox :: about:logins, enhancement, P2)




Firefox 69
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firefox68 --- wontfix
firefox69 --- verified


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The search field can be populated through a URL query parameter when the page is opened via context menu "View Saved Logins" or autocomplete's "View Saved Logins".

Pushed by
Tests for filtering logins based on page query parameter. r=MattN
Initialize the value of the filter to the query parameter when set. r=MattN
Use the search filter when updating the login list. r=MattN
Move all login-list-item interactions to render() so the filter will always be applied consistently. r=MattN

Can you provide some details on how this implementation should be verified correctly? Thanks.

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To test this bug, go to about:config and set and also set

Then go to and attempt to log in
Click in the username field and a drop-down should appear to Browse for logins
Click on the button and about:logins should open with the search filter showing

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I don't think I could validate it in Windows 10 and Nightly v69.0a1 (2019-06-12).
My steps:

  1. Opened browser with a newly created profile.
  2. Go to about:config and
  • set:
  • create:
  1. Go to

  2. Click "Log In"
    -> Login form appears as a drop-down.

  3. Click inside the "email" field.
    -> Nothing happens <-

  4. Log in and save a set of credentials

  5. Log out

  6. Click "Log In"
    -> Login form appears as a drop-down and the Password Manager drops down under the "Email field"
    -> "about:logins" did not open with search filter showing <-

  7. Click on the "View Saved Logins" button from the Password Manager drop-down.
    -> about:logins page is now displayed as Firefox Lockwise, but a filter showing is still not displayed.

Am I verifying correctly? Thanks.

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Sorry, I gave you a wrong instruction in comment 9. You will need to set

The "?filter=%DOMAIN%" part at the end is required. Otherwise your steps sound correct.

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With the newly given instructions, I have retaken the steps in comment 10. The difference is that when the user clicks on the "View Saved Logins" from the Password Manager drop-down (step 9), the about:logins page is displayed as Firefox Lockwise and a search is initiated for "".
The page's link address is "about:logins?"

Does this behavior validate the intended implementation?

Behavior verified in Nightly v69.0a1 (2019-06-18). Thanks.

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Yes, that validates the intended implementation.

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Based on the above, I will mark this bug as verified in Nightly v69.0a1 (2019-06-18). Thanks.

Whiteboard: [passwords:management] [skyline]
Component: Password Manager → about:logins
Product: Toolkit → Firefox
Target Milestone: mozilla69 → Firefox 69
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