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RFE: Emoticon overhaul - add emoticons, new graphics, more case sensitivity fixes


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Additional common emoticons for the html editor are needed, especially these two:

Evil Wink;   >;)
Angry        >:(

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Summary: Need additional html editor emoticons → RFE: Additional html editor emoticons needed
cc Charley in case these changes go in (since they'd be in Composer files)
cc Jennifer to know if she wants this feature or not
OS: Windows 2000 → All
Hardware: PC → All
Please add more emoticons to Mozilla.  Or maybe you can add all the possible
emoticons.  We have to treat all emoticons equally and give them all a chance.
I can make emoticons :D

Ill make them If i think they will be used
This problem was also reported in bug 211082.
*** Bug 205911 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
From bug 205911 :
>The text to html converter converts :-\ to an undecided smiley but not :-/
Taking.  I've been wanting to do this for a while.  Info forthcoming.
Grr.  Radio button dislexia today.
Assignee: sspitzer → robert
Ok, here's what I've gathered

Bugs to fix:
Bug 205911

Bugs patched awaiting approval:
Bug 231224
Bug 217808

Bugs most likely not to be fixed (by me right now... RFC of course):
Bug 84950
Bug 115186

What I want to accomplish

-  As in bug 205911 and bug 217808, removing all forms of case sensitivity. 
This is vital, as popular programs such as AIM aren't nearly as picky, hence we
shouldn't be.

-  New smilie graphics.  Something more modern, clean, and a better match for
Thunderbird's new theme.  

-  A few new popular smilies:
Evil Wink:   >;)
Angry:       >:(
Smirk        :-]
Grin         :-}
Cry          :'(
Embarassed   :-$

- Lastly, many products including AIM and most Forum products don't require a
nose.  Hence :-) = :).  I think it's worthwhile to remove this sensitivity as
well, so that users can have a uniform appearance across products.  Similar to
case sensitivity.

I think we could do a lot to make this little UI feature seem much more modern.  
Ultimately I feel that this should be themable.  But I think that opens up a new
can of worms (again, Request for comment here).
Summary: RFE: Additional html editor emoticons needed → RFE: Emoticon overhaul - add emoticons, new graphics, more case sensitivity fixes
Component: Mail Window Front End → Editor: Composer
Product: MailNews → Browser
CC --> mscott

Any comments/suggestions?  
Some of the emoticons out there are too d**n cutesy. An evil grin or a smirk
should be just that. A tounge sticking out should be just that. Capture the
typical emotion being expressed by such actions and don't add unneeded overlays
of embarassment, laughter, whatever. One emoticon = one emotion, not two or three.
That my 2/100ths euro woth.
Steve VanSlyck:  I must say I agree.

The goal right now, is to make the emoticons match the funcionality in popular
apps such as AIM, MSN, and Forum software like phpBB, and UBB.  Most internet
users know those well, and how they work.

Ideally, we need to address Bug 84950, and make Smilies themable.  Though that
would require some colaboration and agreement.  I'm not sure that will be an
easy one to pitch.  Though I'd love for that to be fixed.

I'm adding it to the dependency list for now.  But I'm not so confident on that
going through in the near future.
Depends on: 84950, 205911, 217808, 231224
Robert: Thanks. The tongue-out smiley looks particularly stupid. Nobody has that
expression on their face when the stick their tongue out.
All I can say is I'm  a Business MIS major with a Comp Sci minor.  Not a doctor. ;-)

I'm not qualified for such conversations.  Remember, they are only a few pixels
of color.  Were not building muscle structure and layering skin over it.
Yeah, I can relate. I'm a lawyer, but I don't play one on TV. Unfortunately.
Attached file Emoticons
Just to give an idea how many emoticons actually exist.  

We could never support them all (though it would make a pretty cool extension).
 But we should support the popular ones from AIM, MSN, and the various forum
software available, since that's what the end users know and expect.
I think an array of about 10-20 smileys is just right, more are detrimental.
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Product: Browser → Seamonkey
Are you still working on this ?
QA Contact: olgam → composer
Resolving as incomplete as there has been some work done there and this has been inactive for so long.
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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