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Suppress auto-hyphenation for Capitalized words [was: Don’t hyphenate proper nouns in English]


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Steps to reproduce:

Used hyphens: auto on p elements.

Actual results:

Hyphenation was turned on, but there is far too much hyphenation. In particular, proper nouns, i.e. names, get hyphenated. Some names, like Justin and Stephanie appear to not be hyphenated, but Prudence doesn’t like it when her name reads as

>                     Pru-
> dence

Likewise, companies don’t like it when their names that happen to use common words are broken across lines.

The only options to address the issue on the developer side are to either code in spans that turn hyphenation off on a word-by-word basis, which is too much to ask when content is distributed among non-technical workers in a large site, or to turn off hyphenation altogether, which is always the result, because it’s the path of least resistance.

Expected results:

Proper nouns in English should never be hyphenated. If, for some reason, they do need to be hyphenated, that should be the edge case, not the other way around.

Hyphen support is uniformly bad across all browsers, but they should be progressive enhancements. As it stands, turning on hyphens degrades the quality of the content and hyphenating proper nouns is the primary reason for that.

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In general, it would be good to have more sophisticated control of hyphenation. (CSS Text 4 introduces some additional properties[1] to provide more control, but is a long way from being implemented at this point.)

Perhaps we should consider excluding capitalized words from auto-hyphenation for the time being. I suspect that would be an improvement in more cases than not.


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Summary: Don’t hyphenate proper nouns in English → Suppress auto-hyphenation for Capitalized words [was: Don’t hyphenate proper nouns in English]

If we do this, it'll have to be lang-specific, I think; we wouldn't want to suppress hyphenation of capitalized words in German, for example, or all its Wonderfullylongcompoundnouns will become unhyphenatable.

This affects a number of our existing reftests, so we'll need to update those
to not expect hyphenation of a sentence-initial (capitalized) word.

(Hyphenation behavior is not sufficiently well-specified for this to be tested
at the WPT level, so we just use Gecko-specific reftests.)

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