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Remove support for the update wizard dialog from software update classes


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As informed by Rob on bug 1511312, the old software update dialog will be removed with bug 1515484 for the next cycle. Once that has been done we should update the update tests, and get rid of all the old code.

Note, that the tests are currently unmaintained and aren't getting run anywhere. So there is no immediate work necessary.

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Could you please remove The wizard is going away in bug 1515484 and as is if I land bug 1515484 this test of the old UI will start failing.

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Blocks: 1515484
No longer depends on: 1515484

No, it doesn't block landing your patch. As mentioned above the update tests are no longer running in CI, and as such won't cause any trouble. I will remove the code all at once when bug 1515484 has been fixed.

No longer blocks: 1515484
Depends on: 1515484
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Really? I landed on oak yesterday and when I did that test failed!

One example:

I landed a patch to disable that test on oak.

That bug doesn't block you removing that test or the remaining code in this bug so it doesn't block this bug. If in fact treeherder is reporting correctly (which it likely is) then this bug does in fact block my landing of bug 1515484.

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Oh, I see. It is the functional puppeteer test. Feel free to just mark it as skipped in a separate revision of your patch series. I'm happy to review it.

Note that I currently also don't have the time to remove all the code for the old wizard dialog in firefox-puppeteer. I will do it once I find the time, but I cannot predict when this will be.

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Your comment #5 is enough to just disable it with a one liner in an existing patch so no need for another patch or review.

On bug 1573406 we are going to remove the update tests from the tree. As such it doesn't make sense to get this bug fixed.

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See Also: → 1573406
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