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Annotate only specific Telemetry data points in crash reports


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(Reporter: gfritzsche, Unassigned)



Currently we annotate crash reports with the full Telemetry environment data, which leads makes issues like bug 1553546 hard to work on.

In the future we could only annotate specific data points from Telemetry as individual fields.
This would have impact - and thus a dependency - on Socorro and it's users.

With CrashAnnotations.yaml we could even get clever. I can imagine annotation definitions like

  description: >
    The layers backend for compositing.
    A string like "d3d11", "none", "opengl", "webrender"
  type: string
  environment_location: system.gfx.features.compositor

Which we could then turn into data or code inside annotateEnvironment or somewhere that would transform the current environment (when available, see discussion in comment#2) into top-level, socorro-searchable annotations.

An idea for the future.

We could use it as a motivator for starting iterative work on bug 1336977 - automation around scalars should be much easier.

Seems like the impetus behind this bug is to work around a problem in Socorro where Socorro treats TelemetryEnvironment like a blob and thus hard to search. Is that right? Socorro has the same problem with the json_dump field that's generated after running minidump-stackwalk. This (enable useful filtering within json blobs) is something I'd like to fix, but that work is blocked by an Elasticsearch upgrade I haven't had a chance to get to.

Another impetus behind it is to reduce the size and significance of the Telemetry Environment in data reporting (in crash reports and elsewhere).

Priority: -- → P3
Severity: normal → S3
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