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Run raptor-youtube-playback jobs for Chrome in CI


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It would be nice to have the playback performance tests running against Chromium to get comparison numbers with Firefox on desktop and mobile.

Given that also Chrome/Chromium has blocking auto-play turned on, we will have to run those tests muted.

We could already get the tests enabled by specifying the same test_url as for android, or we wait until bug 1554966 has been done, so we know if we have to run with audio enabled.

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:jmaher do you have any concerns over turning on additional tests for Chromium? We could consider running these once/week.

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a few jobs once/week isn't going to kill things- especially on a weekend :)

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Duplicate of this bug: 1563736
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Created a cron job for this task and added changes to yml and ini files.

This cron job will generate the following target_tasks.json:




Can you please provide an update here :marauder?

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Hi Dave,

I did several tests locally using a local server and the repository from
I tested on both branches master and raptor.

The tests are running ok on Chrome but is a perma fail on Chromium.

A few more details for Chrome:

More details for Chromium:

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Let's switch this to Chrome then as that's our preferred target anyway. We'll just need to depend on Greg's work in bug 1563708.

Depends on: 1563708
Summary: Run raptor-youtube-playback jobs for Chromium in CI → Run raptor-youtube-playback jobs for Chrome in CI
Attachment #9084697 - Attachment description: Bug 1554967 - Run raptor-youtube-playback jobs for Chromium in CI. → Bug 1554967 - Run raptor-youtube-playback jobs for Chrome in CI

Marian: Can you provide an update on this?

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Hi Dave,

I did a git bisection locally for the youtube playback repo:
to find what is causing the permanent failures on Chrome, but i didn't find any issues with the tests.
And it seems that what we have running on the production server ( has some issues.
Henrik asked Tarek to bring up the server that ran a while back at
to be able to do that bisection and run on the server not on localhost.

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From experience, mentions in Phabricator rarely get the attention of the person. It's best to use needinfo in bugzilla. Tarek: could you take a look over the comment from Henrik in

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Thanks Dave, sorry for not answering in phab. I have restarted the youtube dev instance I had (luckily I did not erase it!) is back online

@marauder let me know if I can be of further assistance - I can give you access to that dev box if you need.

If you can't reach the URL (dns just changed) replace the domain by

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Hei Tarek,

I can access that URL but i will also need that dev box credentials to jump on raptor branch and check each commit to see which one caused the permanent failures on Chrome.


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creds sent by email

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Results are totally worse for Chrome on Mac:,2189198,1,10&series=mozilla-central,2054686,1,10&timerange=86400

I assume that this might be the same problem with the Mac Minis and Firefox. I don't have that other bug handy. Do you have? Might be good to add this info over there.

How do the other platforms compare with Firefox?

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I'm not working on this project anymore for a couple of months. So please work with stakeholders of your team or developers to continue. Also why don't you follow-up on my comment from bug 1604207?

See Also: → 1576107
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