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The restart buttons in about:profiles are confusing


(Toolkit :: Startup and Profile System, defect, P3)

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(Keywords: regression)

From reddit:


  1. Create two profiles: profile1, profile2
  2. Start into profile1
  3. Visit about:profiles
  4. Click "Set as default profile" for profile2
  5. Click "Restart normally..."

What happens:

Firefox restarts into profile1

Expected result:

Firefox restarts into profile2

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Yeah this was an intentional change from bug 1528252 but now I'm not totally sure that it is right. About half the times I've found myself using them I wanted what they do now and the other half what they used to do.

I think those two restart buttons are problematically labelled as it isn't clear what is going to happen when you click them. I think perhaps they should just be removed, the other profiles already have a button to launch them.

What do you think Romain?

Flags: needinfo?(rtestard)
Summary: Setting profile as default and restarting from about:profiles does not start into newly selected default → The restasrt buttons in about:profiles are confusing

I agree that button copy is confusing but unsure if removing them breaks legitimate use cases.
Michelle, were you involved when this was created? Perhaps you could point us to someone who could help address this?

Flags: needinfo?(rtestard) → needinfo?(mheubusch)
Summary: The restasrt buttons in about:profiles are confusing → The restart buttons in about:profiles are confusing
Priority: -- → P3

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