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[webvtt] cues are incorrectly displayed twice


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Forked from bug 1535005 comment 6, the cues in English track were incorrectly displayed twice, but cues in other tracks won't have this issue.

Priority: -- → P2
Regressed by: 1550633

Refactor these log by using the WebVTT log module and adding address info in the log.

This log module should be merged into a part of WebVTT log module because it's useless to check this log module independently.

When we start a new load, all previous data fetching from the previous listener and all state changing applied to track element should be ignored.

Therefore, we add a new method Cancel() which owner of the listener should call when we would like to discard current listener.

There are several places doing channel or listenr clean up, all these places should do channel and listener clean-up together because they are used as a pair.

In order to simulate the specific running order, we have to add a test event 'mozStartedLoadingTextTrack', which would be controlled under a pref.

This test is used to ensure that we won't get error event when we change track's mode during loading.

Pushed by
part1 : modify debug log for WebVTTListener. r=jya
part2 : using same log module as other VTT related files. r=jya
part3 : cancel old VTT listener when we start a new load. r=jya,baku
part4 : wrap channel and listener clean-up to a function. r=jya
part5 : add test 'test_texttrack_mode_change_during_loading.html'. r=jya
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