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When searching for text when reading an email, the background of the text input does not turn red if not found


(Thunderbird :: Message Reader UI, defect)

Not set


(thunderbird68+ fixed, thunderbird69 fixed)

Thunderbird 69.0
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thunderbird68 + fixed
thunderbird69 --- fixed


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This is using Thunderbird 68 beta 3 (build 3) on macOS.

When reading an email and searching for text that is not in the email I expect the background of the textbox to go "red", but it stays white. This is a regression, but not sure when it regressed.


  • Open an email for reading.
  • Search for text that doesn't exist.


  • The text input of the find bar goes red.


  • The text input of the find bar stays white.

Confirmed, on beta 3 on Linux.

OS: macOS → All
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I see this too on Windows. Jörg, maybe you remember that I chatted with you about the "undefined" in the search box when I open the search and the wrong search doesn't change to red? This is still the case. Unfortunately I forgot to file a bug then because I almost never use this search. :-(

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I suspect this comes from the de-XBL of the status bar, so bug 1491660.

Khushil, could you please take a look. Alice, can you find or confirm the regression for us.
STR: View an e-mail in the preview, Ctrl+F to open the Find box in the status bar, type something that is NOT found. The background of the search box should go red.

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Umm, intermittently?, strange...
It needs to restart(step5 and 6) to reproduce the issue in the bad c-c build.
Without restart, the problem does not occur.

Steps to reproduce for finding regression window:

  1. Start TB with new profile
  2. When "Set Up an Existing Email Account" pops up, create email account
  3. When "System Integration" dialog pops up, click on "Skip integration"
  4. When "Lightning Added" door hanger pops up, click on "Enable"
  5. Exit TB (do not try Ctrl+F now)
  6. Start TB again , When "System Integration" dialog pops up, click on "Skip integration"
  7. Select Inbox folder
  8. Select a email in thread pane
  9. Ctrl+F
  10. Type jhxjhsajkfghjfgjhgj

Actual results:
At step 9: "undefined" in the find textbox, and "undefined" is selected
At step 10: beeped, but textbox background color did not change

Expected results:
At step 9: "Find in page" in the find textbox
At step 10: beeped, and red

Regression window:

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And no status message("n of m matches", "Reached end of page, continued from top", "Reached top of page, continued from bottom", "Phrase not found")

Thank you so much, Alice. Richard Marti mentioned the "undefined" to me, but I never saw it myself.
So this is from bug 1441935 and our port in bug 1519078.
Who do we ask while Magnus is away?

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This is a hack. Here's the real culprit – I'm not sure why this synchronous XMLHttpRequest kills the find bar, but it does.

Patrick, I'm asking you for review since there's a distinct lack of other suitable people available at the moment. (Also, you clearly want to see this bug fixed.)

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Assignee: nobody → geoff
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Why is a Thunderbird peer not suitable for review here?
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Thanks for fixing this! I'm assuming my review is not necessary anymore. :)
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Review of attachment 9075616 [details] [diff] [review]:

I'm looking at this again and I have some question. Should you land it while I sleep, either the original version or addressing my comment, please change the commit message to:
Re-initialise find toolbar's browser to work around broken find bar. r=jorgk

::: mail/base/content/mailTabs.js
@@ +505,5 @@
>      if (aIsFirstTab) {
>        aTab.folderDisplay.messenger = messenger;
> +
> +      // By reassigning this here, we fix the find bar (bug 1562677).
> +      document.getElementById("FindToolbar").browser = document.getElementById("messagepane");

Why is this not needed in the else branch? OK, I tested with debug to see which branch is run and it doesn't seem necessary. But why?

Next question: We don't be move this hunk into openFirstTab() which is the only caller which passes true.

Pushed by
Re-initialise find toolbar's browser to work around broken find bar. r=jorgk

Closed: 4 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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