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Some cleanup in toolchain scripts


(Firefox Build System :: Toolchains, task)

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(firefox70 fixed)

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firefox70 --- fixed


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Depends on: 1570054

This removes the need for the hacks in and, while keeping things working in other scripts.

This makes the setup used by these builds more similar to everywhere
else, making subsequent improvements easier.

Depends on: 1570796
Blocks: 1570541

Make the argument use the same format as resources, so move the
sub-script invocation accordingly.

They are now all very similar, and there are only a few variations.

Pushed by
Use GECKO_PATH instead of WORKSPACE/build/src in r=nalexander
Make windows clang toolchain tasks download artifact from GECKO_PATH. r=nalexander
Use a common setup file for Visual Studio in toolchain scripts. r=nalexander
Consistently use GECKO_PATH and MOZ_FETCHES_DIR in toolchain scripts. r=nalexander
Remove redundant definitions of as a resource. r=nalexander
Pass the clang json file as an argument to the toolchain script. r=froydnj
Reduce the number of scripts used to build clang toolchains. r=froydnj
Regressed by: 1572674
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