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Expose build resources data from automation build as artifacts


(Firefox Build System :: General, task)

Not set


(firefox70 fixed)

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Rather than imply they should all be in the resources subdirectory.

The longer version is that this changes how the HTML viewer looks up
files. Instead of looking at a list file that contains a list of
build resources data, it now looks at a build_resources.json file that
either contains data directly, or a list of files containing data.

The build docker images need python-dev installed to build psutil, used
by the build resources monitor.

FWIW, this shows interesting stuff:
That's a linux PGO build (not instr). The first part of the compile tier indicates might not be entirely fixed or some other related issue still exists. Then the two parts where we suck only 50% CPU is a combination of libxul-gtest waiting for libxul to finish and bug 1483846. I suspect the gap between both and the long tail after the second is the linker finishing to deal with debug info for each library. This makes me wonder if we should move the libxul-gtest build to a completely separate build. Or allow both libraries to build in parallel, but that'd suck much more memory and won't be twice as fast.

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Get d3.js from https. r=nalexander
Make the build resources list file contain the full relative path to all resource files. r=nalexander
Rename the build resources list file and allow it not to be a list. r=nalexander
Expose build resources data from automation builds as artifacts. r=nalexander
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