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More accessibility fix-ups for screen readers


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Firefox 70
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Very recent landings introduced a number of new issues, see bug 1572564 for the visual ones. Also, this panel now screams to be browseable via screen reader reading/browse mode commands. So, to address these:

  1. All of the panels should be role "document", not just some of them. There is enough information in here that is in textual form only, not part of a control, that it makes sense to give screen reader users the ability to browse through them with their familiar reading commands.
  2. Consequently, make some of the labels ARIA headings so they can be navigated to more easily.
  3. The new more-info button is missing an accessible (localizable) label.

Patches in the works.

Summary: More accessibility fix-ups for screen re → More accessibility fix-ups for screen readers

While working on this, found a bug in the core accessibility engine that label associations don't generate the accessible name, although the association itself does work, e. g. clicking the label sets focus to the input or textarea.

Depends on: 1572677
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [skyline] → [privacy-panel][skyline]
Pushed by
Part 1: Make all of the privacy panel sub panels browseable documents for screen readers, r=johannh
Part 2: Make some of the section headers into headings for screen readers, r=johannh
Part 3: Associate the labels to their text inputs in the Report Site Not Working panel, r=johannh
Part 4: Give the More Info button a label for screen readers, r=johannh
No longer depends on: 1572677
Regressions: 1583826
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