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cookie exceptions add http prefix - causing problems if you use OAuth2 and disabled cookies


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I'm using Thunderbird 68.0 under Windows 10 with a new profile that has just a Fastmail IMAP account. It doesn't support/use OAuth2.

I unchecked support for cookies, added "allow" exceptions for and and tried to add a Gmail IMAP account. The popup complained that cookies were disabled.

The problem turned out to be that the exceptions automatically added a http prefix to the domains. It should have added none. If one had to be added https would make a lot more sense nowadays.

Bug 1246096 (core:networking:cookies) is over 4 years old and hasn't had any comments for two years. Any Thunderbird user that is concerned about cookies and adds a Yahoo/AOL/AT&T/Verizon or Gmail account with OAuth2 is likely to run into this problem.

Given how popular Gmail accounts are and 68.0 creating a new profile by default, perhaps Thunderbird should add a workaround for this bug. A user doesn't care which group is at fault.

Is this really a regression?

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