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[RFE] make Incremental find highlight all matches


(SeaMonkey :: Find In Page, enhancement)

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(Keywords: helpwanted)

as suggested in bug 30088 perhaps the incremental search feature should
highlight all matches of the search on the page somewhat like VIM does,
hopefully with a subtle color that does not detract from the readability of the
Depends on: isearch
Summary: [RFE] make Incremental find highligh all matches → [RFE] make Incremental find highlight all matches
Assignee: sgehani → aaronl
I'm not really into this at all - if someone wants to submit a patch I'll look
at it.
Assignee: aaronl → nobody
No longer depends on: isearch
Blocks: isearch
Not taking.
Closed: 21 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
This should probably have been resolved as invalid, but i'll verify it either way.
I'm puzzled.  Is this "a bug which will never be fixed", or "not a bug"?  They
sound very different to me and I don't see how this is either one.
Please elaborate.
I can't vouch for the original submitter, but what Emacs >= 21 does is that it
highlights the current match just as you would expect.  In addition to that, it
also highlights all other visible matches in a less intrusive color.

So for example, if you search for "foo", the first occurence of foo will be
highlighted.  Also, all other places on your screen saying "foo" will be
highlighted as well (but in another color).  When I first heard about this
feature in Emacs21, I thought it sounded rather useless, but after experiencing
it in practice I actually think it is very nice.

For the record, I don't really understand why this bug has been marked WONTFIX.
Reopening bug as this is a valid request. Adding helpwanted keyword. This
depends on bug 30088, it doesn't block it. Please leave this bug assigned to
nobody as long as you don't want to implement this yourself.
No longer blocks: isearch
Depends on: isearch
Keywords: helpwanted
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
Okay, I admit I didn't take this one seriously before. But perhaps I have seen
the light. Maybe I'll have time to get a prototype working at some point. I
think the large text that the Xerox browser used would be difficult for Gecko to
overlay like that, and still be performant.

From comment 91 in bug 30088, by Ken Harris
> -- User chooses Edit->Find Interactively or presses cmd-shift-F (for example)
> -- A thin (1 text-line high, like the Personal Toolbar) search toolbar appears,
> that says "Search this page for:" and has a text field, and focus is
> transferred to the text field
> -- User types "modern" (for example)
> -- All occurrences of "modern" on the page are highlighted (google-cache-style)
> and the first occurrence is selected.  (These are updated after each keypress.)
> In addition to highlighting, the words could get bigger, like Xerox PARC's
> browser (
> -- To go to the next (or prior) occurrence of "modern", user chooses Edit->
> Find Again or presses cmd-G (maybe cmd-shift-G to search backwards).
> -- In addition to selecting the text, if that text is part of a link, that link
> gets the dotted-outline-thingy, so pressing return/enter follows the link.
> -- When I'm done searching, I can choose Edit->Hide Interactive Find (same
> menuitem, but its name has changed), or press cmd-shift-F (escape is taken,
> right?), and the toolbar disappears.  Focus is back on the web page, so I can
> scroll with the up/down arrows.
> Come to think of it, up/down should still scroll the page when isearch is
> being used.
> -- Since the bar is going to take up the whole width anyway, and nobody's
> going to use all of it for their search text, you might want to put "Prior"
> and "Next" buttons on the right side, with tooltips saying what their keyboard
> shortcuts (e.g., "cmd-G") are, to make this more discoverable.
> Comments are more than welcome.  (Is this more or less how it really works?)

-> fayt
Assignee: nobody → aaronl
Component: XP Apps → Keyboard: Find as you Type
QA Contact: paw → sairuh
See also bug 62467, same bug for normal find.  I think this is a dup.
Product: Core → SeaMonkey
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Assignee: aaronleventhal → nobody
Ever confirmed: true
OK, "Find in page" and "Find as You type" are now very similar. Bug 62467 and bug 97023 implementing mass highlight are resolved and FAYT now uses the same highlight settings as the last used "full" Find. Maybe it works not so good (no timeout, no option to turn highlight always on, ugly colors etc) but it works.

Suggest to close as fixed.
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