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Update available icon disappears if the doorhanger cancel button pressed.


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(thunderbird_esr68? affected)

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thunderbird_esr68 ? affected


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The Firefox doorhanger (on the menu button) appears with the update available message and if the dialog is dismissed the icon remains visible allowing for the item to be selected later without moving from the main dialog.

The Thunderbird version disappears when the option is dismissed and update has to be done via the Help> about menu item as there is no dynamic menu item added to the main application menu.

I think that the icon that appears should stay visible so updates can be selected without the need for further navigation.

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Summary: Doorhanger disappears if the cancel button pressed. → Update available icon disappears if the doorhanger cancel button pressed.

I can confirm this. Also when I accept the update the icon disappears until long time later it asks for restart. It should stay to be able to restart directly after download, also to show the download status when it would be slow.

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Does it also happen with beta?

The update notification mechanism is different in 78 iirc. If so, I don't see us fixing this in 68. Do you agree?
Ditto bug 1563768

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No, it's the same. The icon disappears also with 79. When accepting the update after some time (around one hour) the popup appears again asking to restart.

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(In reply to Wayne Mery (:wsmwk) from comment #2)

Does it also happen with beta?

Happens with 79a1 which I am looking at right now.

Version 79.0a1
Build ID 20200606104217

Severity: normal → S3
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