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TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | [snip]\mozmill\folder-widget\test-message-filters.js | test-message-filters.js::test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu - Windows only


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TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | Z:\task_1568977744\build\tests\mozmill\folder-widget\test-message-filters.js | test-message-filters.js::test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu

This subtest doesn't run on Mac, seems to pass on Linux, fails on Windows.

This fails locally most times, not all the time, with:

SUMMARY-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | c:\mozilla-source\comm-central\comm\mail\test\mozmill\folder-widget\test-message-filters.js | test-message-filters.js::test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu
  EXCEPTION: Timeout waiting for window to be focused.
    at: utils.jsm line 390
       TimeoutError utils.jsm:390 13
       waitFor utils.jsm:446 11
       wait_for_window_focused test-window-helpers.js:763 9
       check_getAllNewMsgMenu test-message-filters.js:99 28
       test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu test-message-filters.js:116 3

If I take the call to wait_for_window_focused() out, it passes all the time.

I don't know why this call is there in the first place. Previously a filter dialogue window was closed at line 84, so the main window should have focus again.

Now I can toss a coin whether to disable the test on Windows for now or just remove the call. I tried sleep() and focus() on the window, but that didn't help.


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temporarily disable test-message-filters.js::test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu on Windows. rs=bustage-fix
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Follow-up: linting fix. rs=white-space-only
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