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One-off search grouping no longer labelled for accessibility


(Firefox :: Address Bar, defect)

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Firefox 71
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STR (with the NVDA screen reader):

  1. Press alt+d to focus the address bar.
  2. Type: test
  3. Press up arrow.
  4. Press up arrow again.
    • Expected: NVDA should say, "This time, search with: grouping, button" ( might be different depending on available search engines)
    • Actual: NVDA says, " button" (no mention of the grouping)

This is because the grouping ( no longer has an accessibility label.

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This implicates bug 1563026.

Wow. This took me forever to track down.

The issue is that the code assumes the header label will have a .value property, but after the shift to Fluent, it doesn't:

this.buttons.setAttribute("aria-label", headerText.value);

The easy fix is to change .value to .textContent. However, the more correct fix is to set an id on headerText (using telemetryOrigin for uniqueness; see _buttonIDForEngine) and then set aria-labelledby on this.buttons to this id.

We should also add a test for this. In accessible/tests/browser/events/browser_test_focus_urlbar.js, we can change the isEventForOneOffButton function to test if the parent accessible has a role of grouping and has a label:

function isEventForOneOffButton(event) {
  let parent = event.accessible.parent;
  return (
    event.accessible.role == ROLE_PUSHBUTTON &&
    parent &&
    parent.role == ROLE_GROUPING &&
Whiteboard: [access-p2]

The previous code relied on the header label having a value property.
However, after the conversion to Fluent in bug 1563026, this is no longer the case.
Instead, use aria-labelledby, which avoids label duplication and will work irrespective of the label's implementation.

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Reinstate the label for the search one-offs container. r=Standard8
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