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[mozunit] Add support for Python 3


(Firefox Build System :: General, enhancement, P3)



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mozunit needs to support Python 3, since running tests for all other moz*** libraries rely on mozunit.

Blocks: 1581016
No longer blocks: buildpython3

Hi!... I am new to Mozilla's codebase but I think I am good with python, Do you think I can work on this issue?

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Hey Ankush! I like your enthusiasm - if you're new to the Mozilla codebase, I'd recommend starting with a bug that has the good-first-bug keyword.
I'd recommend taking a look at the list of them.

If you'd like to work with a specific component (e.g. the "build", which is Python), there's an "edit search" button at the bottom you can use to filter the list further.

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Hi Mitchel, I tried searching for good-first-bug by filtering it using Build, but I could not find anything!... Am I doing anything wrong?

Sorry for the trivial question as I am still new to bugzilla and try to learn to navigate it :)

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No worries! Bugzilla is confusing at times :)

To filter for Build, I clicked on my link then:

  1. Clicked "Edit Search" at the bottom
  2. In Classification, I clicked "Developer Infrastructure"
  3. In Product, I clicked "Firefox Build System"
  4. In Component, I clicked "General". (Note: to select multiple, you can hold down CTRL and click on other components as well. For more Python bugs, you may be interested in "Bootstrap Configuration")
  5. Finally, I clicked "Search" at the bottom of the page.

(note: if you'd prefer to ask more questions about "bug hunting" in a chat-like setting, hop in the #build channel on Matrix :)

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Awesome Thank you!...

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