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Given and additional names' focus rings are not covering the end side of the text area in the Add Address dialog


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The code responsible was changed in bug 1485473, but I'm not sure if this was an issue even before.
See attached.

I think the intent here was to not have borders on the "inside" of the larger name area, so there would be no borders on either end of the additional-name field in the middle, and the given name would have no border on the end and the family name would have no border on the start.

Priority: -- → P3
See Also: → 1624798
See Also: 1624798
Keywords: regression
Regressed by: 1502684
Component: Preferences → Form Autofill
Priority: P3 → P2
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

This is quite easy to fix, you only need to increase the z-index of focused containers:

#family-name-container:focus-within {
    z-index: 1;

Note that the rule is targeting the container on :focus-within and not the text-input on :focus, because the latter would overlap and hide the label.

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Keywords: good-first-bug
Priority: P2 → P3
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Assignee: nobody → manisha.singh2019
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Add covering Focus Ring of text area in Add Address dialog. r=tgiles
Closed: 9 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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Reproducible on Firefox 100.0 on Ubuntu 20.04. Verified as fixed on Firefox 102.0b4(20220605185654) and Nightly 103.0a1(20220606212503) on Windows 10 x64, macOS 11 and Ubuntu 20.04.

QA Whiteboard: [qa-102b-p2]
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