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Refresh telemetry probe for MathML.


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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1538985 +++

Igalia is going to do MathML work, and it'd be useful to have various kinds of data to be able to take informed decisions about when to deprecate stuff and such.

In order to get a baseline to measure feature usage against, we should re-enable the telemetry probe for documents using MathML.

I can't find the email right now, but last week I received a warning about scalar_mathml.doc_count expiring soon, while it is a useful reference for other MathML probes.

@Emilio: BTW, do you remember how we can calculate usage of MathML features relative to scalar_mathml.doc_count ?

Do we need to ask a data review again?
How do we choose the expiration version number?

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(In reply to Frédéric Wang (:fredw) from comment #2)

Do we need to ask a data review again?

Probably worth to be safe? Not sure... Jan-Erik?

How do we choose the expiration version number?

Six more versions from now seems ok, or we could just use expires: never, since we want to keep tracking this number for use-counter purposes, and the use counters do not expire...

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(In reply to Frédéric Wang (:fredw) from comment #2)

Do we need to ask a data review again?

Yes, all new and extended data collection will need a new review. It should be rather easy, referencing the old one for the most part though.

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This probe is used to count the number of MathML pages, so that it can
be used as a reference for MathML deprecation counters. Since the latter
counters don't expire it makes sense to do the same for mathml.doc_count.
In addition, this patch fixes my email address for notifications.

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Comment on attachment 9116988 [details]
Request for extending mathml.doc_count counter.

# Data Collection Renewal Review 

1) Is the provided Data Collection Review complete, correct, and data-review+ by a Data Steward?


2) Is the data collection covered by the existing Firefox Privacy Notice?


data-review: r+
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How am I supposed to ask request for landing the patch? I can't find "checkin-needed" anymore. Should I use "autoland"?

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The checkin-needed flag is on Phabricator now. Edit Revision > Tags > Checkin-needed. But I'll just push this one.

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Refresh telemetry probe for MathML. r=emilio
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