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Align Mozilla's MathML implementation with the MathML Core spec


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Fred, who works at Igalia and implemented MathML in WebKit, pointed out we could try to simplify some stuff.

Some links:

Also the appendix on

For stuff that we could / should consider removing.

Some of it is really invasive (the script size multipliers come to mind), so it'd really be nice to simplify some of this stuff.
Component: Audio/Video: GMP → MathML

As announced on, a MathML Refresh CG has been launched early this year and some simplification is being discussed and formally approved:

Let's use this as a meta bug similar to WebKit's one ( )

Alias: mathml-core
Summary: Try to simplify some MathML stuff. → Align Mozilla's MathML implementation with the MathML Core spec
Depends on: 1534494
Depends on: 1548471
Depends on: 1548522
Depends on: 1548524
Depends on: 1548527
Depends on: 1548529
Depends on: 1548530
Depends on: 1246657
Depends on: 1077525
Depends on: 1572211
Depends on: 1573438
Depends on: 1574087
Depends on: 1574749
Depends on: 1574750
Depends on: 1574751
Depends on: mathml-dom
Depends on: 1575596
Depends on: 1575870
Depends on: 1187682
See Also: → 1437493
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Depends on: 1583037
Depends on: 1586575
Depends on: 1587572
Depends on: 1587577
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Attachment #9099992 - Flags: data-review?(bmiroglio)
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(In reply to Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) from comment #0)

This is bug 1587577

This is bug 1548524, bug 1573438 and bug 1575870 basically.

Most mstyle attributes have been removed for a long time. The remaining ones are bug 1548471. Also we might want to map mathvariant/displaystyle/scriptlevel to the CSS properties described in the spec, instead of internal ones.

This is bug 1548529.

This is bug 1548522.

(In reply to Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) from comment #0)

Also the appendix on

That doc is obsolete, current suggestions/discussions are in the MathML Refresh CG's issue tracker:

Depends on: 1587570
Depends on: 1588733
Depends on: 1590350
Depends on: 1636428
Depends on: 1664261
Depends on: 1664467
Depends on: 1665975
Depends on: 1666075
Depends on: 1667090
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