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Implement Page Info


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an advanced feature, admittedly, but Page Info is useful for some folx (eg, web
From what I've read, Chimera isn't necessarily intended for a web developer
audience, so this might not be appropriate.
right, this isn't intended for a developer audience. But who knows, maybe there
will be a developer version later.
Summary: implement Page Info → [RFE] implement Page Info
I can think of some fairly non-geeky things that users might want to see in this
dialog. The last mod date of a web page is one. Security status is another.
side note: Edit > Get Info (cmd-I) is currently implemented in the toplevel
menubar. this is active iff a bookmark in the Sidebar has selected, and will
display the Info window for that bookmark.

in the future if Page Info is implemented, i imagine that the menubar option
will bring up Page Info rather than Get [bookmark] Info. i'd also think that
cmd-I will also bring up Page Info if the sidebar is closed, or if no bookmark
is selected in the sidebar. (though not sure what the behavior of cmd-I should
be if a bookmark *is* selected in the sidebar.)
Summary: [RFE] implement Page Info → Implement Page Info
I realize that this has been ignored for a few months now...

But I would like to comment on the usability of this feature. Being a Chimera
user and a Web Developer, this is something that I use all day long and
unfortunately the fact that it is missing will force me to use Mozilla. The only
reason that this is just now coming up is I just switched to OS X (from Windows).

As for the comment about it being a developer tool and most people wont
need/want it, how many non-developers use view source? Just a thought.

In response to highlighting a bookmark and doing a get info, this doesn't give
you the current page's query string.

Thanks for a great browser either way.
Michael: what info do you need to see in Page Info?
Simon: Generaly the info I would be looking for is the query string.


Sometimes it's the only way to track down issues with dynamically generated
pages, espically when working on someone elses code. There may be a parameter
getting dropped or picking up the wrong value, when you can see through page
info what the page thinks it should be displaying you can find and fix the bugs.
Page Info is also needed by some non-developers like university students who
have been instructed to use the HTTP last modified date when referenceing a Web
page that doesn't clearly state the date of publication.

Things that are of interest to non-developers:
* Page URL (assuming that the info is displayed in a separate window there's at
least the threoretical chance of confusion if it isn't clear which HTTP resource
the info is about)
* HTTP last modified date in GMT/UTC (or in any case with the time zone clearly
indicated) but formatted accoding to the system pref indicating the date
formatting style.
* Encryption status

Things that are of interest for trouble-shooting:
* Media type (text/html, application/xhtml+xml, etc.)
* Character encoding if specified properly (HTTP header, meta tag, XML
declaration) or otherwise a note that the character encoding was guessed by
Chimera's character encoding detector.
* Size of the main file
* The sum of the sizes of the main file and all the associated HTTP objects
(images, style sheets, etc.) and the number of associated HTTP objects.
* Rendering mode (Standards/Almost Standards/Quirks)
* HTTP expiry date (or as a bonus as an amount of time relative to the present
* Cacheability status: was the page cached or is it considered stale already
* The value of the Vary HTTP header if any (or better yet, a view of all the
HTTP headers)
This would indeed be a nice faeture. Even "normal" might want to use this. And
for me as a web developer it's very very handy to have. 
not in camino. sorry.
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Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
afaict, Safari (v1.2.4) doesn't have page info either.
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Saying this feature is only useful to web developers is saying that View Source is more useful to non-
developers than Page Info. I'm not a developer, and I do use Page Info in other browsers. It doesn't need 
to be as loaded as in Firefox/Mozilla, just pretty basic things such as last-updated, media info and 
saving, etc.
(In reply to comment #13)
> just pretty basic things such as last-updated, media info and 
> saving, etc.

You can access most of these items, if not all, via bookmarklets such as those
at and (all of the latter may not work in Camino).
damn....we're saying let's litter our toolbars with bookmarklets just to get
some page info?
my real desire here is the security tab. we try to portray ourselves as the
"secure" browser and we have absolutely no way of verifying or viewing the
security info for a site? when we get the "untrusted authority" message, we have
absolutely no way to make our own desicion because there is no way to view the
certificate. damn...
the whole point about "view source" is rather valid. oh well...i'm not going to
reopen this myself but it would be nice if someone did.
I'm going to reopen this. I think there is a good argument for having a simple
Page Info window.
Resolution: WONTFIX → ---
Assignee: saari → sfraser_bugs
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → Camino1.2
Bringing back to 1.0. My plan is to have a simple floating window with a few bits of page info:

Page title
Page url
Page last modified

Site certificate
Connection security
Target Milestone: Camino1.2 → Camino1.0
Flags: camino1.0+
Checked into trunk.
2 things...

1) For the Site identity section, the first "i" in "identity" should be capitalized

2) I think you should consider renaming the title of the window, as the title is currently Page Info, but so is one of the individual sections. Perhaps General, the page title with smart truncation, <page title> Info, Page Attributes, or something of the sort.
Attached image proposed new layout
Let me first say that I think that this is a big step in the right direction as now offer users some very good security tools.

Now for my comments, which will only be UI related:
1) I think the current layout is very cluttered an messy. The attachment shows how I think this could be easily solved. The key word here is to keep things simple. We don't need headers and subheaders, it only makes things more complicated. Just use right aligned text for the headers and left aligned for all the information.
2) If possible I'd also go for an all white background as oposed to the pinestripe. It's alot cleaner and is in line with how the Finder handles the info view. This isn't high priority.
3) You need to implement a minimuw width of at least +/- 335 pixels. just to ensure that it has the most optimal width for viewing the info.

ps: I will try and see if I can get you those additional icons asap.
We don't use disabled (grey) titles anywhere else; why here?
Also, your screenshot shows a regular window, rather than a Utility window. Was that deliberate? It has significant implications for the functioning of the window.
Page info checked in on branch and trunk.

Please file a new bug for page info improvements.
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Keywords: fixed1.8
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Simon: I'm fine with not using greyed titles. And I just that window quickly to show how it could be so, no it's shouldn't be a regular window. It should be like the inspector window it's now.
(In reply to comment #23)
> Simon: I'm fine with not using greyed titles. And I just that window quickly to
> show how it could be so, no it's shouldn't be a regular window. It should be
> like the inspector window it's now.

New bug for improvements filed as bug 319488.

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