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Support editing item names and adding items for WebExtension storage.local API data from the Storage panel of the WebExtension Addon Debugger toolbox


(WebExtensions :: Storage, enhancement, P3)



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(Reporter: bdanforth, Unassigned)




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Bug 1542035 added read-only access for storage.local data in the Storage panel of the addon debugger toolbox, while Bug 1573201 added some limited write support. This limited write support does not include the ability to add items and edit item names in the Storage panel, which require a transaction in the storage.local IndexedDB backend.

Depends on: 1573201

Are you wanting to request review here?

Flags: needinfo?(bdanforth)

Not yet. rpl and I descoped this work from Bug 1573201, so I am parking it here in the hopes that the rest of that patch can land in 72. What's the best way to indicate this status?

Flags: needinfo?(bdanforth)
Priority: -- → P3
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