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automate in taskcluster cron


(Release Engineering :: Release Automation: Bouncer, task)

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(firefox-esr68 fixed, firefox71 fixed, firefox72 fixed)

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firefox-esr68 --- fixed
firefox71 --- fixed
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This check is currently running on bb01, running the script . We'd like to shut down bb01, so let's update the code to use py3 and schedule it in taskcluster cron.


@aki that's a trip down memory lane .. I was pulled off go-bouncer about a year ago. Both rail and oremj were the last two ppl I spoke to during the handoff
@aki it might also be valuable to investigate if these checks are still being run by someone

Oremj said these aren't running anywhere we know of, so until we have an alternate solution, let's port the bb01 check to taskcluster cron.

Do we need to do anything special to turn off the bb01 check? If not then let's just let it pass into the hall of fame and close this bug

I'm going to be shutting off bb01 after l10n bumper is fully ported to taskcluster cron in bug 1481916.
Let's call this fixed.

Closed: 3 months ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED

You may have missed that the products checked are different. The nagios check uses the latest products like firefox-beta-latest-ssl while in-tree cron uses versioned products like Firefox-70.0b12-SSL. I think we should use the latest style as that's what uses for installers.

A set of changes like

diff --git a/testing/mozharness/configs/releases/ b/testing/mozharness/configs/releases/
--- a/testing/mozharness/configs/releases/
+++ b/testing/mozharness/configs/releases/
@@ -5,1 +5,1 @@ config = {
-            "product-name": "Firefox-%(version)s",
+            "product-name": "Firefox-beta-latest",
@@ -17,1 +17,1 @@ config = {
-            "product-name": "Firefox-%(version)s-SSL",
+            "product-name": "Firefox-beta-latest-SSL",
@@ -29,1 +29,1 @@ config = {
-            "product-name": "Firefox-%(version)s-msi-SSL",
+            "product-name": "Firefox-beta-msi-latest-ssl",
@@ -37,1 +37,1 @@ config = {
-            "product-name": "Firefox-%(version)s-stub",
+            "product-name": "Firefox-beta-stub",

across the branches would use the newer test but check what we use in prod (we'd leave the complete update check alone).

I'm not sure what we should do for the nightly case, maybe some extra work there to enable the check there in .cron.yml etc.

Assignee: nobody → nthomas
Resolution: FIXED → ---

Perhaps I was a bit hasty. The configs are used in a couple of different places

  1. the release-bouncer-check-firefox kind during the push phase of a release, where it's passed current and previous versions as arguments. It makes sense to check the versioned products here, and it includes full checks on the update products
  2. the cron-bouncer-check kind once a day, where I was thinking we should use the latest products

Looks like we'd have to duplicate the configs for the two cases because of how the script works.

Are we able to add the missing configs to the cron-bouncer-check, update the timing, and call it done?

Fixes up ESR bouncer aliases now that ESR60 is EOL.
Adds check for latest products used by
Enables the cron checks.
Fixes up a script error which meant we weren't checking all partial platforms in release automation.

Depends on D54656

Pushed by
add checks for 'latest' bouncer products to cron (beta, deved, release), r=aki
add ESR bouncer checks to cron, r=aki
add nightly bouncer checks to cron, r=aki

TODO - uplift to release (71) and esr68 after we release.

The first checks after the code changes look good on esr68 and release.

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