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"Send Unsent Messages" from Outbox not working


(Thunderbird :: Folder and Message Lists, defect)

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Steps to reproduce:

With Send Later or Mail Merge. put a few messages in the Outbox folder.
Select "Send Unsent Messages" item from the Outbox Context menu.

I tried it with all add-ons disabled. The bug persists. I am with 68.

Actual results:

It didn't work. No messages were sent.

Expected results:

All messages in the Outbox should have been sent, and moved to Sent Items folder.

I cannot reproduce this using vanilla Thunderbird

I tried it with all add-ons disabled. The bug persists. I am with 68.

With a message created using Thunderbird's native "Send Later"? ctrl+shift+enter
If that succeeds then the problem is likely caused by the addon.

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I run Thunderbird 68.2.2 (32-bit). It doesn't matter how I put the message in the Outbox folder. ctrl+shift+enter made no difference.

As I said, running Tb in safe mode made no difference.

Visit Tools > Error Console and Tools > Activity manager - make note of the last entries.

Compose the message and do send later, then do Send Unsent Messages

Any new entries in error console or activity manager?

No new entries either in the error console or in the activity manager.

Flags: needinfo?(earlpiggot)

I think the culprit must have been the Manually Sort Folders addon.

Although I had long removed it, it had left the mail.accountmanager.defaultaccount preference value to the Local Folders account. This was not a problem before Tb 68.* versions.

I changed the mail.accountmanager.defaultaccount to my primary account value and it's fine now.

A few days ago I was contacted by another user of my add-on Mail Merge, who experienced this very bug. It also turned out to be caused by the add-on Manually Sort Folders.

Changing the default account from "Local Folders" back to the "First RSS or Mail account in the list" within the options dialog of the add-on makes the menu entry "File -> Send Unsent Messages" in Thunderbird work again.

I think this bug can be closed, as it is caused by the add-on Manually Sort Folders.

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