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Incorrect rendering when combining -webkit-background-clip:text with background-attachment:fixed


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Attached file testcase 1

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load the attached testcase.
  2. Scroll down slowly.

Expected results:
The text should move upwards as usual.

Actual results:
The text stays fixed and gets partially clipped.

This happens both with and without WebRender.

This bug was reported on .

Regression range:

  • Last good: 2016-04-15 changeset: afd82f887093e5e9e4015115ca5795ec82a6f732
  • First bad: 2016-04-16 changeset: a5322c766f510d2a6544b519ffcc72a19879c779
  • Pushlog URL
  • Potential regressor: 1263516 looks like the potential culprit

An additional note is that on builds previous to the push, the container for the text was all black.

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Keywords: regression
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Priority: -- → P3
Attachment #9110932 - Attachment description: fixed-background-clip-text.html → testcase 1
Attached file testcase 2

Just ran into this when diagnosing a issue ( ) -- attaching my reduced testcase, which is slightly different from the original & helps you visualize the bug a bit clearer perhaps:

  • my testcase doesn't use transparent text, so the actual text (lime) & the clipped-background (red) can be visualized separately.
  • my testcase adds a border, which makes it clearer that artifacts do get cleaned up when they're outside the border-area (that's why the text starts to get "eaten" from the bottom in the original testcase).

This is not really a regression; it's just a bug in the implementation of background-clip:text, it seems (which was broken at least as far back as when it was preffed on).

--> removing regression keyword & adding association with bug 759568.

Blocks: 759568
Keywords: regression

Dupe of bug 1313757, afaics.

Closed: 2 months ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Duplicate of bug: 1313757
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