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Popup doesn't appear in the center, can't scroll to click the buttons


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This was reported by Panos and this is a regression because of the zoom hack attempt.

Basically the issue is with this part of the CSS rule. I cut the rest for brevity.

.modal.modal--show .modal-container {

	transform: translate(-50%,-50%);
	zoom: 1;

Applying the zoom with the transform cancels the effect of the transform: translate(-50%,-50%); and breaks the design on the site.

People do like to use zoom along with transforms for legit reasons, which means
that we get this wrong.

This is unfortunate, as the whole point of the hack was fixing sites that only
used zoom without regressing sites that would do:

zoom: 0.5;
-moz-transform: scale(0.5);
transform-origin: 0 0;

So we're a bit stuck here. The only way to deal with the known regressions is
parsing zoom: 1 as invalid, which is insane, and it would probably cause other
compat issues... For now disable the pref.

Assignee: nobody → emilio
Pushed by
Disable layout.css.zoom-transform-hack.enabled for now. r=boris

And clean-up surrounding code by removing useless namespace qualification.

It seems like the first call to Broadcast is useless? Or am I missing something?

Comment on attachment 9112045 [details]
Bug 1599324 - Make one variant of BlobURLProtocolHandler::AddDataEntry infallible. r=baku

Revision D55000 was moved to bug 1599843. Setting attachment 9112045 [details] to obsolete.

Attachment #9112045 - Attachment is obsolete: true

When zoom is disabled, we still count it, but with the current code the testing
function will throw instead of returning the right value, which means we'd fail

Pushed by
Fix Servo_IsCssPropertyRecordedInUseCounter so that we also report disabled properties. r=boris
Attachment #9111517 - Attachment description: Bug 1599324 - Disable layout.css.zoom-transform-hack.enabled for now. → Bug 1599324 - Disable layout.css.zoom-transform-hack.enabled for now. r=boris
Pushed by
Disable layout.css.zoom-transform-hack.enabled for now. r=boris
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Closed: 10 days ago
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