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[Wayland] [Weston] Firefox 70, Drop-down list is not working in weston


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Steps to reproduce:

Run firefox-wayland and opened any page with drop-down list.

Here is simple example to try:
Drop-down list is not clickable.

Actual results:

In firefox-wayland drop-down list does not work.
In firefox-x11 drop-down list works well.

Expected results:

In firefox-wayland drop-down list should work.
In firefox-x11 drop-down list should work.

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Component: Untriaged → Widget: Gtk
Product: Firefox → Core

I've the same issue on GNOME wayland on a secondary screen. No dropdown lists show up when Firefox window is on the secondary screen.

Same here on Arch Linux 5.4.2-arch1-1 with wayland and sway 1.2 as window manager. Example above and other select elements do not work.
Even internally (Preferences, History, Firefox will "Use Custom settings for history") selects are not working.

Can you please test latest nightly under Wayland? A new popup handling code landed there.

Just tested this with both 89.0 and 2021-06-10 nightly, still not fixed, sorry.

Please re-test with new nightly as it gets another popup fixes.

Tested again with 2021-06-17 nightly, no luck. :(

Dropdowns work fine on primary screen, but are invisible on secondary screen. Note that selecting an item still works by opening the dropdown (say, a <select>), then clicking with your mouse on one of the invisible items. It's not easy to hit the right one this way, of course ;)

In other words: Mouse clicks register correctly, you just don't see what you're clicking on.

I can confirm the same issue.

Firefox nightly: 91.0a1.20210711212832+h877be9f91d38-1
Sway: 1.6.1
Arch linux: 5.12.14-arch1-1

Dropdown menus are not rendered on secondary screens. They do work to select options with both arrow keys, or clicking blind into the area where the dropdown menu should have been rendered.

As a workaround, I currently have to disable the primary screen and then enable it again:

$ swaymsg output eDP-1 disable; swaymsg output eDP-1 enable
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