Open Bug 1602201 Opened 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago

Provide an Mail Extension API to switch between Original HTML | Simple HTML | Plaintext in Message Reader


(Thunderbird :: Add-Ons: Extensions API, enhancement)

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(Reporter: Alex_Ihrig, Unassigned)



In RFE Bug 1598857 an "Allow HTML Temp" function should be integrated to core Thunderbird. If this RFE will not be implemented into core, it would be necessary to have a relating Mail Extension API, to allow this feature (without manipulating core prefs / about:prefs)

For more information read the description from Bug 1598857

I have to describe that more exactly. It would be necessary to change the related prefs without (!) a reload of the displayed message. After showing the message once in original HTML, the prefs have to be reset to the prior values. The message should "stay" with HTML, but the prefs should be reset.

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