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Intermittent issue in Google spreadsheet: moving out of a cell adds vertical space


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Windows 10


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Steps to reproduce:

I've been using Google Docs for a long time, with Firefox as my primary browser. In the last year (only) I've noticed intermittent issues when editing a (rather old) spreadsheet. Specifically, regardless if I'm typing in Greek or English, moving out of the cell (via enter, tab or cursor keys) adds vertical space to the cell. I'm attaching a picture of the issue. Again, the issue is not always reproducible.

I've also posted in the google forums in the hope I'll find someone to help. It seems two other firefox users have encountered the same behaviour.

Actual results:

Vertical space added to the cell contents.

Expected results:

Cell height should not have changed.

Forgot to paste the google groups link:

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I can confirm that this issue is reproducible on the latest Nightly 73.0a1 on Windows 10.
Unfortunately, because the issue is intermittent I could not determine the regression range yet, and neither reliable steps to reproduce it (I logged into my google account, created a new spreadsheet, added data and moved between the cells using the tab, enter and arrow keys).
So far, I managed to reproduce it also on Firefox 71 and on Firefox 72 beta 10 but, I could not reproduce it on Firefox 68.3.0 esr.
When time permits I will investigate more.

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Too late for a fix in 72, but we could take a patch for 73 or 74.

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:marcia, could you have a look please?

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Adding some information as found in this might be related to auto-complete.

The discussion in is interesting, and leads to a a similar bug, Bug 1192656 referenced in the mozilla support thread - is this the same issue as what is described in that bug?

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Yes, it does seem to be the same issue. It has been closed 4 years ago, but it seems that the issue persists. Specifically it is easily reproducible, even on a brand new calc sheet, by entering some text, deleting it with backspace and reentering some more.

I also read the last comment by :hallvors. While I do somewhat agree with this policy (as someone affiliated with coding), it reflects badly for FF. "Others browsers do not have this issue, FF does". Also, I use Google calc extensively and the issue is becoming troublesome, to say the least.

Bottomline: the issue outlined in this thread could be declared a duplicate of bug 1192656. However, I'd be grateful if someone could rock the boat at Google, or wherever else is needed, in the hope that whatever did not happen 4 years ago, will possibly happen now.

I see this all the time too. Mike, can we try reaching out to Google?

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I've emailed the gsuite team on our internal list.

(update: the team has filed an internal bug, and last we heard were looking for an owner to take a look)

Mike, did you get an update from the gsuite team?

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Nothing since they told us an internal bug was filed. I'll ask for an update.

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Marking as fix-optional for 74 since this is webcompat, to remove it from our regression triage weekly queue.

Following up on this report. I've seen this issue many times before but I'm not able to reproduce right now in testing. Can someone confirm if it still reproduces for them please? (maybe Simona?)

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(In reply to Adam Stevenson [:adamopenweb] from comment #18)

Following up on this report. I've seen this issue many times before but I'm not able to reproduce right now in testing. Can someone confirm if it still reproduces for them please? (maybe Simona?)

I can't reproduce it on my end. Tested on Windows 10x64 using the latest Nightly 76.0a1.

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Ryan, can you repro anymore? Possible fixed by Google.

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For the record, I can not reproduce this issue anymore.

(In reply to Mike Taylor [:miketaylr] from comment #20)

Ryan, can you repro anymore? Possible fixed by Google.

Haven't had much occasion to test recently. Feel free to resolve the bug if nobody else can. We can always re-open if it comes back.

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Michail Pappas
For the record, I can not reproduce this issue anymore.

I too @ Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; rv:74.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/74.0

Cool, thanks everyone. And thanks Google, seems like they fixed it.

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