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messages.update API does not really change message tags in IMAP folders


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Thunderbird 73.0
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thunderbird_esr68 --- fixed


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Steps to reproduce:

Thunderbird 68.3.0, Debian 9, Linux 4.9, x86_64
I have IMAP accounts and I am developing an extension (MailExtension, no legacy code) for Thunderbird. My extension should add a tag to messages in some cases.
In my extension code:
let ml = await browser.mailTabs.getSelectedMessages();
let mh = ml.messages[0]; // assume there is at least one message
let tags = mh.tags;
// ... checking if there is no our tag in 'tags' ...
tags.push('some valid tag'); //e.g. '$label3'
await browser.messages.update(, {'tags': tags});

Actual results:

The added tag has appeared in the Thunderbird interface: the message is colored properly and it can be filtered by that tag. But the message remains without my tag on the IMAP server side. So when I see that message next time (after I go to another folder or restart the program) it has not my tag. If I tag the message manually the tag is saved properly. It is reproduced with a public IMAP server and with my own IMAP server, so I think it is not a server bug.
The bug does not appear in local (not IMAP) folders.

Expected results:

The tag should be saved in IMAP server.

Can confirm. I think this is partly bug 1596371, but mainly naïve tag setting code in the API, which also destroys keywords that aren't tags. I'll fix that at the same time.

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Prevent APIs interfering with non-tag keywords on messages; r=mkmelin

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