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Remove openContextMenu hack for options UI


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firefox74 --- verified
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We're manually opening the context menu using openContextMenu() when the "contextmenu" event is triggered for an extension's inline options pane. This should no longer be needed.

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Remove contextmenu hack in about:addons inline options r=rpl
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Are there any particular scenarios that require verification after the removal of these hacks? Please provide some more context and steps in order for QA to manually verify if so. If that is not necessary please employ the "qe- verify" tag.
Thank you.

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Hi Miruna,
This cleanup can be verified by triggering a context menu in a extensions options page embedded in about:addons:

  1. install TreeStyleTab
  2. Open about:addons
  3. Go to Extensions
  4. Click the ... menu then Preferences for Tree Style Tab
  5. Right click on an element embedded in the Tree Style Tab options page, as an example we can verify it on an "hyper-textual link" element:
    • Open the "Development" section in the Tree Style Tab options page
    • Right click on the first link (the one with the text "Tree Style Tab Options")
    • Expected behavior: context menu popup opened and in the popup there should be the menu item to "Open Link in New Tab", the "Open Link in New Container Tab" sub-menu etc.
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Verified on Windows pro 10 64-bit and macOS Catalina 10.15 across FF Beta 74.0b1 (20200210140608) and FF Nightly 75.0a1 (20200212093201) using the Tree Style Tab extension. By right clicking on the hyperlinks from the Options/Preferences section of the extension, a context menu popup is opened and several options are available : "Open Link in New Tab", "Open Link in New Container Tab", "open link in New Window", "Open link in New Private Window", "Save link As..", etc.
For further testing I've temporarily loaded the test extensions 'menu-demo' and 'context-menu-copy-link-with-types' which have added additional items to the context menu.

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