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Allow global initializers to reference functions with ref.func


(Core :: Javascript: WebAssembly, enhancement, P2)




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(Reporter: lth, Assigned: rhunt)




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The spec hasn't completely gelled yet, see, but really we'll want to allow ref.func in global initializers (we don't) and we'll want functions that are referenced from ref.func in a global initializer to be marked as reffable as if they were in an element segment.

Summary: Allow global initializers to reference functions with ref.null → Allow global initializers to reference functions with ref.func
Priority: P3 → P2

This was my bad originally and has annoyed me since.

Assignee: nobody → rhunt

With ref.func initializers, this process will become fallible and will need to
return a boolean value.

Depends on D68652

The problem here is that a ref.func global initializer needs to acquire an
exported function which is only available after an Instance object has been
created. However, we sometimes initialize global object cells before this for
exported globals defined in this module or imports satisfied with an immediate

This commit changes EnsureExportedGlobalObject to only initialize the cell of
an import satisfied with an immediate value. Instance::init() is changed to
always initialize the cell of an indirect global. CreateExportObject is changed
to finally initialize the remaining global cells.

A later commit will clean up some of the redundancy in Instance::init().

Depends on D68653

This commit adds the decoding, validation, and initialization logic for ref.func
in globals.

There's an open issue about whether the function index needs to be declared in
an element segment. This commit assumes that this is not required. This may be
changed easily in the future.

A later commit will try to improve the InitExpr constructors as they have
become a little ambiguous with ref.func.

Depends on D68654

This commit adds a test for the various cases of initializing a global
with ref.func.

Depends on D68655

With the addition of ref.func, the approach of using an explicit constructor to
tag the kind of InitExpr has become a bit ambiguous. This commit tries to improve
the situation.

Depends on D68656

The case of GlobalKind::Variable has some redundancy that can be cleaned up.

Depends on D68657

Depends on D68658

Pushed by
Rename Instance::funcRef to Instance::refFunc. r=lth
Move TlsData initialization out of Instance constructor. r=lth
Refactor initialization of global object cells. r=lth
Add support for ref.func in global initializers. r=lth
Add test for ref.func in global initializers. r=lth
Clean up InitExpr constructors. r=lth
Clean up Instance::init(). r=lth
Fix gc/nullref.js test. r=lth
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